Preservation is an unnerving, harrowing and nail-biting survival thriller starring 3 rising talents from the world of film and TV that includes Mad Men's Aaron Staton. Shutter Island/Argo actor Christopher Denham takes his second turn in the director’s chair after Home Movie (2008) with this beautifully crafted horror thriller. Ex-marine Sean Neary and his brother Mike, along with Mike’s wife Wit, head out on a hunting trip doubling as a distraction from their personal problems. But ignoring the ‘Closed’ sign and heading deep into an overgrown nature preserve, they soon find their troubles are only just beginning. When their gear is stolen they immediately turn on each other only to discover local hunters stalking them. But prey can only survive so long standing alone and Wit must unleash her own animal instincts or else end up a trophy. Just when you think you’ve seen it all before, Preservation twists into a sharp and startling take on why we fight and what we have been missing out on in the great outdoors in our tech-obsessed age.
Starring Wrenn Schmidt, Pablo Schreiber, Aaron Staton
Director Christopher Denham