Hans Husby

Hans Husby

Hans Erik Dyvik Husby, also known as Hank von Helvete, Hertugen and Hærtis, most famous for being the former lead vocalist of the Norwegian death-punk band Turbonegro. While not explicitly addressed to date, the name Helvete was adopted due to its meaning \"hell\" or \"a place of suffering\".\nHusby's band is most well known for their tongue-in-cheek humor dealing with homosexual aesthetics and punk rock antics, and the formation of a genre they label \"death punk\". The band formed in the late 1980s and put out a few records before disbanding in 1998 when Husby's heroin addiction made him unable to perform. After going through rehab, Turbonegro reunited in 2002, but Husby and the band \"laid it on ice\" in 2010. The main reason for this was his new lifestyle as a sober family man.\nHusby went through detox while living at the Moskenes island in Lofoten, Norway. Here he worked at Norsk Fiskeværsmuseum in Å, as well as working as a presenter at Moskenesradioen, a local radio station.\nOne of Husby's favorite singers is David Bowie.\nDuring the Norwegian TV show \"Først og Sist\" in 2005 Husby was asked this question from the TV host: \"Do you like plants, Hank?\".