Only Cloud Knows
Dongfeng (Huang Xuan) is a middle-aged man living in New Zealand. He has been suffering from sorrow and loneliness ever since the death of his beloved wife, Yun (Yang Caiyu). Unable to overcome his grief, Dongfeng instead decides to retrace the journey he shared with Yun and fulfill a dream that she never had the chance to fulfill. Over a decade ago, Dongfeng arrived in New Zealand from Beijing. While renting a room in Mrs. Lin's home, Dongfeng met Yun. The two began their friendship as another awkwardly odd couple, but they eventually fell in love and married, sharing many happy and funny moments together over the course of their courtship. To improve their lives in New Zealand, Dongfeng and Yun opened a Chinese restaurant in a small town. They hired Melinda, a friend of theirs, as a waiter. Even though making a living can be difficult, they worked hard together to create a happy life for themselves. Over a decade later, a fire destroyed the restaurant, forcing Dongfeng and Yun to find new jobs. One day, Dongfeng learned the news of Yun's illness…On his journey to retrace the past, Dongfeng reunites with the mechanic that once helped them and thanks him for his help; he returns to the small town where Yun and he founded their restaurant; he sees the blue whale that Yun longed to see; he visits Mrs. Lin and Melinda; he even goes to Beijing to visit Yun's parents and learns about a different side of Yun that he'd never known about.
Starring Huang Xuan, Caiyu Yang, Xu Fan
Director Feng Xiaogang