The Headmaster
Hoda is a student at a boarding school whereby the Headmistress loves her and is compassionate towards her. During the vacation Hoda’s father Mahmoud arrives and takes her home and that’s when his wife and her daughter Sanaa treat her harshly. Sanaa’s fiancée; Dr. Farid, sees Hoda and likes her, meanwhile the mother and daughter sense that and become jealous and so the mother threatens her and she flees by travelling to the Headmistress. The Headmistress decides to assume the responsibility of raising and teaching her and actually succeeds and Hoda becomes a Doctor. Hoda meets Dr. Farid who broke up with Sanaa meanwhile Sanna got married. Sanaa suffers from the pains of childbirth and Dr. Farid and Hoda save her. Hoda returns to her father who divorced his wife and finally Hoda marries Farid.
Starring Soad Hosny, Shokry Sarhan, Zahrat El-Ula
Director Ahmed Diaa Aldin