Cat Wars / Tar-Sam of the Jungle

S1, E5: Cat Wars / Tar-Sam of the Jungle

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S1 E5: Cat Wars : Fluke Penguin learns the power of The Fur from Obie Cat-Nobie (Grandpa Kitty) and helps Princess Kitty C-3-Seal-O (Chip) and R-2-Hop-To (My Melody) save the planet Caturn from the evil Darf Catnip who's aided by Lt. Grinder and his Doberman goons. Tar-Sam of the Jungle : Baby Tar-Sam Penguin raised by apes is pursued by Hunter Catnip and Bwana Grinder but evades them with the aid of Chip-Tar and Bunnita (Melody). Kitty-Jane comes to bring him to civilization and discovers the pleasures and pratfalls of life in the jungle.