Cinderkitty / The Pawed Piper

S1, E2: Cinderkitty / The Pawed Piper

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S1 E2: Cinderkitty : Cinderkitty captures the heart of Prince Purrfect (Tuxedo Sam) and becomes head cheerleader for the Royals no thanks to her wicked stepmother (Fangora) and stepsister (Catnip) and catches the winning pass in the big game with Grinder and the Bulldogs. The Pawed Piper : When the village of Hamhocks is attacked by a plague of fleas the Pawed Piper (Tuxedo Sam) saves the day but is cheated out of his reward by Mayor Catnip and Constable Grinder. Hello Kitty Chip and My Melody are piped away but return with flea collars.