S2, E19: Doppleganger

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S2 E19: While searching for Julie Cochran (Cathy Herd), a Manhattan-based woman who disappeared on the morning she was scheduled to leave town, the team soon suspects her live-in boyfriend, Greg Knowles (Tony Goldwyn - "The Last Samurai," "From the Earth to the Moon"). The agents discover that the town car scheduled to take Julie to the train station at 8:00 a.m. was canceled by a man that morning, and the doorman never saw Julie leave the building. However, the team also wonders about Greg's smug twin brother, Rick (also played by Tony Goldwyn), with whom Julie appeared to be flirting at her bon voyage party the night before. Greg failed to mention the recent murder of a well-known homeless woman at the shelter where he, Rick and Julie volunteer. The dead woman's prized necklace was found in Julie's suitcase that was discovered at the train station.
Starring Tony Goldwyn, Cathy Herd, Kerry O'Malley