Episode 5

S1, E5: Episode 5

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S1 E5: The high school prodigies have defeated the villainous lord of Findolf with their overwhelming science. However, that's only the beginning. After proclaiming themselves to be messengers of the gods under the Seven-Light Faith, Tsukasa and the others appear before the populace to distribute medical treatment, magic shows, and mayonnaise as miracles of their faith, hoping to organize the people of this new world together. As the first step toward their goals, Tsukasa and the others took control of the grand city, Dormundt, but the leader of the Dormundt watch, Bernard, harbors some doubts. With the lord defeated, there's no way Frejyagard Empire will remain quiet. Bernard laments the trouble looming in their future, but Tsukasa sees great value in his realistic perspective, and seeks to welcome him to their side.