In or Out

S1, E13: In or Out

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With Daniel suffering from a broken heart inflicted by Sofia, Betty is determined to get him back to work and over his sadness by setting him up on a date with a supermodel - solidifying their kinship in the process. In Daniel's absence, Wilhelmina decides who will continue to work at Mode once her ambitions to be named editor-in-chief are realized. Among those who stand to lose their jobs are Christina and Amanda. Meanwhile, Hilda finds herself unemployed after Herbalux is recalled. In her quest to find work, she goes into business selling cupcakes, but quickly finds herself in over her head when she's unable to meet the demand for the baked goods… not to mention she's spending more than she's making from her new venture. And in a stunning conclusion, the woman behind the mask is revealed.
Starring Kathy Griffin, Stelio Savante, Shelly Desai