K.T. - The Kitty Terrestrial / Peter Penguin

S1, E3: K.T. - The Kitty Terrestrial / Peter Penguin

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S1 E3: K.T.- The Kitty Terrestrial : K.T. (Hello Kitty) is saved by UFO hunters Dr. Catnip and Mr. Grinder by Sam Chip and Melody when she's separated from her parents while picnicking on Earth and takes them on a flying tricycle and wagon ride as a reward before returning home. Peter Penguin : Kitty and Chip help Peter Penguin rescue Dinglebell (My Melody) from the evil Captain Claw (Catnip) who in turn is being pursued by a pesky crocodile (Grinder) in Never Say Never Land culminating in an exciting pie fight to the finish.