Old Cars for New

S1, E3: Old Cars for New

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When the convent station wagon finally conks out, despite Sister Bertrillet's efforts, she persuades Mother Superior to use an emergency fund to replace it. Honest Hernando unloads a lemon that breaks down on a lonely road. Sister Bertrille finds Carlos picnicking with beautiful Diane nearby. He gets it moving again, but in reverse, Sister Bertrille returns the car to Hernando, who buys it back at a handsome profit. She borrows Carlos' luxurious station wagon and parks it in the driveway of the convent while she gets a lift to town. Sister Jacqueline is impressed by Sister Bertrille's "bargain." When a basement wall begins to crack, Mother Superior, in the emergency, orders Sister Jacqueline to return the car to Hernando and get the money back. Unwittingly she sells Carlos' car. Meanwhile, drenched by a sudden downpour, Carlos and Diane trudge to town. Sister Bertrille tries to retrieve Carlos' car, but Hernando holds out for another $1000. In desperation she appeals to Carlos for the money. Indignant, he refuses but a chance remark suggests a way out. He gets Sister Bertrille to buy back the old station wagon for $50. Then, implying that an antique buff is hunting that particular car, Carlos offers $1500 for it. Hernando hastens to San Tanco and frantically outbidding himself and everyone else, pays $3000 for the old car. Later, realizing he has been taken, Hernando is furious but then feels ashamed of his greed. Relenting, Carlos arranges a fast deal. Hernando gets back most of his money, except the cost of repairing the old car, and a generous contribution to the convent.
Starring Gino Conforti, E.J. Peaker, Susan Howard