Spider Rider's Ball

S1, E6: Spider Rider's Ball

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S1 E6: Every child in the city is playing with a sparkling sphere but Princess Sparkle. After Hunter discovers where the children found the spheres and gets one for her, Sparkle is afraid to tell him that it turned black when she tried to paint it. But when Grasshop invades the city by controlling the children with his spheres, Sparkle's mistake saves her from its hypnotic effects. The spheres form a giant robot that uses the children as a shield and warps light, rendering it invisible as it pummels Hunter and Shadow. It's only when Sparkle and Hunter realize her black sphere remains visible even when the rest of the robot is not that they are able to turn the tables. And so Sparkle, the youngest Spider Rider, achieves her first victory over the Invectids with the help of Hunter, the newest Spider Rider!