The Fatal Hibiscus

S1, E5: The Fatal Hibiscus

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Sr. Bertrille crashes through a stained glass window that took Señor Trazo a year. To solve Sr. Bertrille's problem with high winds, Rev. Mother decides on transfer to a calmer climate, possibly the Holy City. Overcome at leaving, Sr. Bertrille blames her tears on an allergy hibiscus. She asks the transfer to be kept secret for a while. Carlos Ramirez learns that Sr. Bertrille may not be there at Christmas to supervise the building of a playground and expresses shock to Rev. Mother. Sr. Ana gets the idea Sr. Bertrille is dying. Meanwhile, Carlos makes plans. To spare Sr. Bertrille, the nuns take over her duties and force her to rest. Rev. Mother chides Sr. Bertrille for spending her last days at San Tanco in idleness. Shocked, the nuns freeze out Rev. Mother and pray she stop being cruel to Sr. Bertrille. Rev. Mother accuses Sr. Bertrille of leading a mutiny. When Sr. Jacqueline intercedes, she learns of the transfer. Señor Trazo finishes, and Sr. Bertrille again crashes through the window. Following Carlos' plan, the children fly nun kites and carry placards. Mother David, the Mother Provincial, is impressed when the whole town turns out for Sunday mass. Realizing San Tanco needs Sr. Bertrille, Rev. Mother welcomes her again. Sr. Bertrille flies joyfully among the kites. Later, as Señor Trazo repairs the window, Sr. Bertrille sneezes him off the ladder.
Starring Naomi Stevens, Irene Tedrow, Jackie Brown