The Gamble

S1, E2: The Gamble

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S1 E2: After fighting through the first Nor'easter of the year, two boats - the Triunfo and Apollo - came back to sell their fish at market while the Harmony and Lily Jean took a gamble and kept fishing. Captain Dave of the Harmony finally hits a hot streak and has to time his return to market to get top dollar. Captain Gus of the Lily Jean seems to be stuck under a cloud of bad luck. If he can't make money this trip, he might lose his crew and his boat. While Gus struggles, Captain John of the Triunfo leaves port during the middle of the night - a new strategy he hopes will score him a big haul before the other boats get out to sea. And Captain Shawn of the Apollo takes a big gamble as he heads out to sea with just one generator.