The Promise

S1, E2: The Promise

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S1 E2: While preparing comedian David Spade for his fifth appearance on the show, Paula gives him a routine interview about his monologue. Being polite, Larry asks him to drop by his office, but is caught off guard when David actually comes in to chat before heading on his way. Then, while at home watching television with his wife, Larry is disturbed to see David on the Tonight Show doing the same jokes he told to Paula that very afternoon, and just two days before he is to appear on his own program. Invoking an unwritten rule that discourages guests from doing competing shows back to back, Larry complains to Jeannie about David's abusing the privilege of appearing on his show. Meeting the following morning with his staff, Larry is surprised by their anger over the appearance and, though insisting they rise above it, is convinced by Arthur to knock Spade off the program. Meanwhile, when his fan club comes to visit the set, Hank is surprised when Larry shows up to make some very flattering remarks. When Hank drops by later to thank Larry for the kind gesture, Spade's gaffe comes up and Hank reminds Larry of the days when he was just starting out and making appearances on more than one show, too. So, calling David himself, Larry forgives him after the comic insists that it was the fault of his agent and manager. However, not believing his explanation, Larry tells Arthur to reschedule his appearances a few times to teach David a lesson. But, when another guest is unable to make that night's show, they are forced to call on the comic to fill in at the last minute.