Wizard of Paws / Pinocchio Penguin

S1, E1: Wizard of Paws / Pinocchio Penguin

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S1 E1: The Wizard of Paws : Hello Dorothy returns home from the Land of Paws with the help of the Tin Penguin Scarecrow Chip and the Cowardly Rrabbit. They overcome the Wicked Witchy (Catnip) and her flying poodles led by Lt. Grinder and Capture the jet-powered broomstick. Pinocchio Penguin : Granpappetto Kitty wishes for a son and his wooden penguin puppet comes to life--only to be captured by Catnippia and Grinderoso. Hello Fairy helps Pinocchio and Chip learn to tell the truth and then rescue Pinocchio's grandfather and Humphrey the whale.