A Life of Her Own
Lana Turner stars as a model who--using beauty and determination--climbs her way to the top of her profession in quest to secure A Life of Her Own. New York City. At a top modeling agency, Lily James (Turner) meets former star cover girl Mary Ashlon (Ann Dvorak), who has allowed men and alcohol to destroy her looks, her career and her life. James vows that this will never happen to her, but in the rarefied world of beauty, celebrity and cocktail parties, James falls in love with married millionaire Steve Harleigh (Academy Award winner Ray Milland). James takes the extraordinary step of arranging a meeting with Harleigh's invalid wife to ask the woman to grant a divorce. But she does not expect the profound depth of the love Harleigh's wife has for him. Now, can James find the strength to give up the man she loves and lead A Life of Her Own?
Starring Lana Turner, Ray Milland, Tom Ewell
Director George Cukor