A Woman's Work: The NFL's Cheerleader Problem
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In 2014, while the NFL makes $11 billion in profit, Lacy, an Oakland Raiders cheerleader, realizes her compensation would amount to less than minimum wage. After paying out of pocket for beauty, transportation and uniforms for her "dream job", she struggles under mounting debt. Lacy enlists an all-female employment law firm and sues the Oakland Raiders for wage theft in a historic class-action lawsuit. She inspires four other women across the country to stand up and file similar lawsuits, including Maria, a former cheerleader for the Buffalo Bills. Lacy trained her entire life to become a professional dancer. Maria has served her tight-knit community through her sport since she was a child. A WOMAN’S WORK follows these two brave women who stand up against an all-powerful industry in order to change what they love for the better. In the process, they reveal a culture of toxic masculinity and the ingrained devaluation of women’s labor in society. As they juggle their legal battle with the gendered work of marriage and motherhood, Lacy and Maria arrive at a personal awakening on the heels of the #metoo movement. A WOMAN’S WORK weaves sharp cultural exposé with lyrical journeys of empowerment.
Starring Lacy Thibodeaux Fields, Linda Thibodeaux, Scarlett Fields
Director Yu Gu