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The one thing that we all have in common on this earth is a father. Unfortunately, for most, we also share a father wound. There is nothing more damaging than looking to the man who has the power to answer everything, only to get nothing. Whether he is physically gone or emotionally checked out, whether we are prostitutes or one of the most significant rock stars of all time, the pain is the same. In Absent, acclaimed storyteller Justin Hunt (American Meth) simplifies the most universal wound on this earth and provides hope that it can be overcome. Absent goes far beyond the confines of a movie. It is a deeper understanding of a societal issue that plagues every continent. It is more than a movie that allows us to escape reality. It is a guide for us to make reality better. As you'll find, one man really does make a world of difference.
Starring Johnny Tapia, Richard Rohr, Mark Garcia
Director Justin Hunt