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From the Academy Award - winning studio that brought you Shrek, DreamWorks' spectacular comedy adventure Antz was croned "king of the hill" by audiences and critics alike. With its superstar cast and breakthrough visual effects, everyone digz Antz! Life is no picnic for Z, a small worker ant with some very big ideas and whose chances of winning the heart of the beautifiul Princess Bala are literally one in a billion. But when Z convinces his soldier ant buddy to switch places with him, his simple life takes a wild turn. From his battles in the Termite War to his search for "insectopia", Z' adventures land him in a final confrontation with the truthelss General Mandible, who has plans to liquidate the colony. Once the most insignificant of workers, Z may just turn out to be the biggest little hero of them all!
Starring Woody Allen, Sharon Stone, Gene Hackman
Director Eric Darnell, Tim Johnson