Artists and Models
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Martin and Lewis run amok with spies, models and Shirley MacLaine! Artist Dean Martin can't come up with ideas for his horror comic-book series. Luckily, his mild-mannered roommate Jerry Lewis dreams 'em up (literally). Jerry talks in his sleep, Dean takes dictation and everybody's happy... until Jerry's dreams turn telepathic and Russian spies get in on the act! Martin and Lewis tear through one of their zaniest comedies, tossing one-liners, songs and sight gags around like confetti. But they're not the only stars in Artists And Models. Shirley MacLaine (in only her second film appearance) is a dizzy delight as Jerry's lovestruck neighbor. And Dorothy Malone, Eva Gabor, Anita Ekberg and a bevy of long-stemmed models add sugar to the spice.
Starring Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Shirley MacLaine
Director Frank Tashlin