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Sometimes, love is all it takes to change someone’s life. Babu, a young rickshaw-puller ends up helping a man named Shankarlal who in return invites him to his house. Not knowing what’s in store, Babu goes to his house where he finds himself overwhelmed with all the love showered on him. Feeling grateful, he decides to stay in touch with the family until one shocking incident lands him in jail. Years later, when Babu is released, he’s shocked to see Shankarlal’s daughter begging on the road. What happened to Shankarlal’s family while he was in prison and how will Babu be able to help them during these hard times makes the story a heart-touching tale full of drama and emotions.
Starring Rajesh Khanna, Hema Malini, Rati Agnihotri
Director A. C. Tirulokchandar