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Sean Mathias directed this screen adaptation of Martin Sherman's award-winning play about the persecution of homosexuals by Nazis during World War II. In Germany, the Nazi party's program of genocide against any and all perceived "enemies" comes into full swing when the party begins a violent purge of homosexuals in its membership. Max (Clive Owen), a bisexual playboy, attends an event thrown by drag queen "Greta" (Mick Jagger). Amidst the police's raid, Max and his lover Rudy escape. But they are later arrested and sentenced to a concentration camp. En route to the camp, Max betrays Rudy and arranges to be given a yellow identification star, marking him as a Jew, instead of a pink triangle, which would label him as gay; while the Jews are destined to be executed, gay prisoners receive even more brutal treatment from the guards. While incarcerated, Max meets Horst, an inmate who proudly wears the pink triangle. Max and Horst fall in love with each other, and Horst's bravery leads Max to accept his sexual identity.
Starring Clive Owen, Lothaire Bluteau, Brian Webber
Director Sean Mathias