Between Two Worlds
Two time Academy Award winning actress, Juliette Binoche, stars as Marianne Winckler, a well-known author who moves to Northern France to research the subject of working class financial instability and social invisibility. Based on Florence Aubenas's bestselling non-fiction book, 'Le Quai de Ouistreham', Between Two Worlds is directed by acclaimed French novelist Emmanuel Carrére who returns to filmmaking for the first time since 2008's, The Moustache. Without revealing her true identity, Winckler goes undercover as an unemployed recent divorcee and is hired by an agency to be part of an industrial cleaning team assigned to apartment complexes and docked cruise ships. In this new role, she experiences first-hand the precarious and grueling conditions of the 'gig economy' while also discovering the mutual support and solidarity amongst this fraternity of struggling, mostly female, workers. As Winckler becomes more entwined in the community and strikes up a particularly close friendship with a single mother named Christèle, she begins to question the ethics of the subterfuge she has implemented in the service of her writing career. Circumstances eventually force her hand and compel her to confront the chasm between her temporary reality and the perpetual, relentless circumstances of her colleagues.
Starring Juliette Binoche, Hélène Lambert, Léa Carne
Director Emmanuel Carrère