Blue Ridge
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Deep in the foothills of rural Appalachia the paranoid and unpredictable J.T. lives a solitary life of used tires and decaying trailers. Despite his situation, J.T. wins the love of Sara, an innocent young girl alone in the world after losing the last of her family. Together they naively plan for a new life at the beach, operating an old amusement park ride. However, J.T.'s landlord, Mr. Johnston, has other plans for him. He wants to keep J.T. tied to the dying trailer park and under his control, hoping to convince him to join his bizarre lifestyle. As pressure builds on J.T. to face his fear of change and of the outside world, Sara holds onto the hope that they can push forward together and live out their dream.
Starring Sean Gullette, Eric Sweeney, Audra Glyn Smith
Director Vince Sweeney