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It’s a story of a broken family, set in the world of mixed martial arts and underground street fighting. Gary Fernandes, a former alcoholic and street-fighter, returns home after serving a prison sentence of 10 long years. His two sons, David and Monty, who had parted ways as kids, are grown men now, but are still bitterly estranged. His elder son, David and his wife Jenny work hard to make ends meet and to provide the best for their ailing daughter. Troubled financial circumstances drive David to return to the world of street fighting. Monty, an alcoholic, is active in the world of street fighting, but lacks focus. He strongly yearns for the acceptance, love and respect of his family. Meanwhile, the arrival of Ultimate Fighting Championship is announced in. Both the brothers, at the crossroads of their lives, end up enlisting to fight in this ‘Winner-takes-all’ event. They finally stand to face off with each other and against their personal demons, in the ultimate final battle.
Starring Akshay Kumar, Sidharth Malhotra, Jackie Shroff
Director Karan Malhotra