Chasing the Yeti
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In 2001, the Bhutanese Government created the Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary deep in the Himalayan Mountains, a 253 thousand square-mile protected habitat for the Migoi (Yeti). The sanctuary is home to pandas, snow leopards, and tigers but the Bhutanese maintain that the refuge was created specically for the Migoi. It's there where riders and crew will be journeying from North America to “search for the Yeti” by exploring the visually stunning region for a mind blowing adventure that will push the riders to their ultimate limits, while seeking out first tracks on trails created by centuries of local foot and migrating traffic. The trip begins in Rangjung, with a grueling climb, testing the limits of global superstars Darren Berrecloth, Cam McCaul and Casey Brown, as they ascend to the top of the highest point in eastern Bhutan, where no tourist has ever been. This begins the epic adventure and transpires into a sequence of events entertaining for all viewers. Pioneering at its finest consistently presents challenges unknown from the onset, and our film crew was there every step of the way to capture and document what it means to search for a myth while riding on first time terrain that has never been documented.
Starring Darren Berrecloth, Cam McCaul, Casey Brown
Director Ambrose Weingart