Christmas Scavenger Hunt
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A Hallmark Channel original movie. Belinda heads to her hometown for a work assignment and her friend’s engagement, little does she know the trip will forever change her life. Things get complicated when she runs into her ex-boyfriend, Dustin, and they are forced to team up for the town’s annual Christmas Scavenger Hunt. Although reluctant to participate, Belinda knows it’s for charity and ultimately agrees. Over the course of one day, Dustin and Belinda race around town following clues, checking off all the required Christmas-related items and tasks, including building a snowman, making a gingerbread house, performing random acts of kindness, and even fulfilling a child’s wish. However, when Dustin learns that Belinda’s company sent her there to buy out the property in jeopardy that the hunt was hoping to save, their friendly reunion may be at risk before the holidays.
Starring Kim Shaw, Kevin Mcgarry, Thomas Charles Arnold
Director Marita Grabiak