Crash and Burn
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It’s a dirty and profitable life of crime for the car thieves known as “choppers.” It takes speed, nerve, and know-how, but add murder and an undercover cop into the mix and it can get pretty explosive. Kevin Hawkins (Erik Palladino, E.R,) is a thief out of hiding and starting a new life—by boosting a new car and driving it to Hill Dorset (David Moscow, Big), and Winston (Peter Jason, They Live), all expert choppers. The man behind the operation is crime boss Vincent (Michael Madsen, Reservoir Dogs). It’s quite a trip down memory lane for Kevin—and a bumpy one when he runs into Penny (Heather Marie Marsden, Shark Hunter). She’s Kevin’s old high school sweetheart, and she’s not happy that Kevin’s back and in a whole new line of trouble. His hook-up with a professional gang of car thieves isn’t Penny’s idea of a future. It isn’t Kevin’s either. He has a secret no one can know. Kevin is now working undercover—inside out—for the FBI. What he wants is to wring out a dangerous group of high-end, cut-throat car thieves who call themselves LAC. Their boss, Ramiro (Lobo Sebastian, CSI: Miami), doesn’t want a sleazy small-timer like Surelli and his goons muscling in on his gangbanger’s territory. When they turn to murder as a warning, Kevin’s prepared to fight back, igniting a gang war that threatens to destroy everything within Kevin’s reach. That includes Penny, who’s caught in the crash and burn of Kevin’s violent mission. Gearheads up! Crash and Burn is raw, authentic, and fast. A full-throttle thriller that brakes for no one.
Starring Erik Palladino, Michael Madsen, David Moscow
Director Russell Mulcahy