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The feudal Lord Hanabusa is overthrown by his chamberlain Samanosuke. Hanabusa and his wife are murdered, but their young son Tadafumi and daughter Kozasa escape into the mountains with the aid of a Shino priestess and Hanabusa’s servant, Kogenta. For ten years, the people of the village suffer under the rule of the cruel and greedy Samanosuke. Tadafumi – now a young man – and Kogenta return to reclaim the throne, only to be captured and sentenced to public execution. Kozasa prays to Shino to release Daimajin to put an end to Samonosuke’s reign. But if Daimajin is set free, will anyone be safe from the devil’s wrath?
Starring Miwa Takada, Yoshihiko Aoyama, Jun Fujimaki
Director Kimiyoshi Yasuda