Dare to Be Wild
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Come on an exquisite journey in this UK co-production, from the iconic green hills of Ireland, to the vast, dry deserts of Africa as Dare to be Wild takes you on a sweeping romantic adventure. This is the true story of Mary Reynolds (Emma Greenwell), a prodigy in the field of landscape design who has one powerful goal to share the uncompromising beauty and power of wild nature with the world. Mary enters a near-impossible competition to win gold at a prestigious Flower Show, and with the odds stacked against her she uses her undeniable talent and will to convince others to aid her. After a few painful hurdles, she bounces back. She departs on an epic journey to Ethiopia to recruit the only botanist who can help her achieve a fair victory, and the two fall madly in love over their mutual passion of preservation.
Starring Emma Greenwell, Tom Hughes, Alex Macqueen
Director Vivienne De Courcy