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This is the story of Daud, an eleven-year-old Muslim boy growing up in Brooklyn. Concealing his Muslim identity, Daud inadvertently befriends a group of Jewish boys who, through a haphazard sequence of events, mistake him for being Jewish and accept him as one of their own. A genuine bond of friendship is formed between Daud and Yoav, on of the Jewish boys; Daud experiences a sense of freedom, joy, and camaraderie that he has never felt before, and for a brief time enjoys being a carefree Brooklyn boy. When the Jewish boys discover Daud's true identity, Daud's world is shattered and he is left alone, struggling to come to terms with his place in the world.
Starring Muatasem Mishal, Binyomin Shtaynberger, Maz Jobrani
Director Joel Fendelman, Patrick Daly