Dead Man Standing
When the town of Newton, Kansas, finds itself in the cross hairs of two rival communities, lawman Mike McCluskie is hired by the Santa Fe Train Depot to try to keep the peace. But when the opposing Texas cattlemen install their own Sheriff – the dangerous and violent Billy Bailey – Newton becomes a powder keg set to explode. As both sides begin taking out their frustrations at the town’s brothels and saloons, a kind-hearted madam and a brave, dying teenager come to McCluskie’s side…but the scene is set for a shoot-out so bloody, it will become Wild West history. Starring Luke Arnold (Never Tear Us Apart, Tv Black Sails), C. Thomas Howell and Viva Bianca (TVs Spartacus), this incredible true tale reveals a lawless time, a bloody vendetta and a most unlikely hero.
Starring C. Thomas Howell, Viva Bianca, M.C. Gainey
Director Nicholas Barton