Dear White People
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Set at a fictional Ivy League college named Winchester University, Dear White People follows Lionel (Tyler James Williams), a gifted writer who's recruited by a student editor at the school's paper to write about grumblings that have ensued since the Randomization of Housing Act was passed. At Armstrong-Parker House, a dorm that historically has been the school's base for African-American students, Samantha White (Tessa Thompson), a budding filmmaker and deejay, is luring listeners with both her frank observations about classmates in a radio show called "Dear White People" and her call to repeal the housing act. She has also stumped campus golden boy Troy (Brandon Bell), her ex, by winning the race for the position of Armstrong-Parker's student president -- long Troy's domain. Meanwhile, the glamorous Coco (Teyonah Parris), who finds Sam's advocacy tiresome, just wants to be famous, which drives her to join the campus humor magazine, which is staffed by students -- including the college president's son -- who want to keep milking their privilege.
Starring Tyler James Williams, Tessa Thompson, Kyle Gallner
Director Justin Simien