Desert Runners
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The driest desert on the planet (Chile's Atacama Desert), the windiest desert (China's Gobi Desert), the hottest desert with temperatures in the range of 111 to 116 degrees (Africa's Sahara), and the coldest desert (Antarctica) provide the challenges for a group of ultramarathon runners who are determined to cover 250K in each desert within one calendar year. In Desert Runners, Samantha, an Australian law student; Dave, an English businessman; Rick, an American consultant living in the U.K.; and Tremaine, an English private-security specialist each undertake the marathons for personal reasons, all of which are explored in depth. Filmmakers follow the selected runners before, during, and briefly after all the demanding, life-changing events. Neither the runners nor the filmmakers (nor the viewer, for that matter) could possibly have predicted the endurance required, the life-threatening crises, or the critical dilemmas they will face.
Starring Samantha Gash, Tremaine Kent, David O'Brien
Director Jennifer Steinman