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E-Team is an award-winning Sundance Documentary Selection. Anna, Ole, Fred and Peter are four members of the Emergencies Team -- or E-Team, the on-sight division of a respected, international human rights group. Arriving immediately after allegations of human rights abuse surface, the E-Team uncovers crucial evidence to determine if further investigation is warranted and, if so, to investigate, document, and capture the world’s attention. Human rights abuses thrive on secrecy and silence, and the work of the E-Team, backed by their international human rights organization, has shone light in dark places and given voice to thousands whose stories would never otherwise have been told. This riveting and masterfully crafted film goes behind the scenes to reveal a unique brand of bravery.
Starring Anna Neistat, Ole Solvang, Fred Abrahams
Director Katy Chevigny, Ross Kauffman