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A three-part anthology about love and sexuality by three master directors from three disparate cultures. "The Dangerous Thread of Things" is the story of a ménage-a-trois between a couple and a young woman on the coast of Tuscany. (Directed by Academy Award-nominee Michelangelo Antonioni.) "Equilibrium" tells of an advertising executive under enormous pressure at work. During visits with his psychiatrist, they delve into the possible reasons why his stress seems to manifest itself in a recurring erotic dream. (Directed by Academy Award-winner Steven Soderbergh and starring Robert Downey Jr., and Academy Award-winner Alan Arkin.) "The Hand" is a richly textured and achingly emotional erotic tale about a young tailor's long-time unrequited love for a beautiful Hong Kong courtesan. (Directed by Wong Kar-Wai.)
Starring Robert Downey Jr., Gong Li, Alan Arkin
Director Steven Soderbergh, Wong Kar-Wai