Fasting: The Healer Within
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Sinclair was an athlete at the peak of his physical fitness - or so he thought. When a bulging disc abruptly ended his career, he was shaken to learn that his body was actually in a poor state of health. Sinclair embarked on a 10-year rollercoaster of highs and lows, learning and applying everything he could about natural healing while enduring chronic pain, discomfort, and endless frustration. He made progress but remained unable to fix his symptoms - until he discovered fasting. After a 19-day water fast in Mexico he made a remarkable recovery. Sinclair had discovered The Healer Within. Impressed by his results, Sinclair’s brother Saxon decided to join him on his new journey to discover the potential of the human body’s ability to heal itself - a 40 day fast in the mountains of Northern NSW, Australia. Join Sinclair and Saxon as they set out to test their physical and mental limits, cleanse their bodies and learn more about our body’s innate healing ability.
Starring Sinclair Fischer-Gray, Saxon Fischer-Gray, Joe Cross
Director Saxon Fischer-Gray, Sinclair Fischer-Gray