Fresh Skweezed
Maggie, a street smart 11 year old girl, runs a lemonade stand in the trailer park where she lives with the help of her best friend, Tina. Maggie, a sweet kid that knows her way around a hustle, isn't afraid of pulling a simple con or two when sales are slow and the opportunity arises. Her schoolgirl crush on Mr. Adams, a kind and handsome neighbor, seems to be one of the few bright spots in the little girl's day. After Mr. Adams leaves for work, Cody, the neighborhood bully, shows up to torment Maggie and pilfer her lemonade earnings. After his lemonade stand shakedown, Cody is spotted by Maggie as he is invited into Mr. Adams trailer by the man's wife. Aware of the crush that Maggie has for her husband, Mrs. Adams later tries to trick the little girl into believing that the reason for the teenage boy's visit to her home is completely innocent. She asks Maggie to keep this a secret from her husband. But, both the adulterous woman and her thieving, teenage lover underestimate the little girl. Maggie refuses to allow Cody to continue extorting her earnings by devising a plan to remove Cody from her business ventures (and punish him for his tryst with Mrs. Adams) by pulling off her biggest con so far. With Cody gone, Maggie's friend, Tina, informs her that this is the last day they will see each other until school starts back in the fall. Alone, Maggie now puts her faith into kindhearted, Mr. Adams, but also confesses to him what she witnessed of his wife and the teenage boy. Shaken, Mr. Adams confides in the little girl that this type of thing has happened before. Maggie tells him why the money she earns from her lemonade stand is so vital. She has decided to escape her shaky home life and absent parents and try to make it to Michigan to stay with an aunt. Reeling from the news about his own wife and heartbroken for Maggie and her dire situation, Mr. Adams discovers that the little girl's lemonade stand might be the only thing that she has left.
Starring Kim Howard, Kevin Scroggs, G.B. Shannon
Director G.B. Shannon, Ryan Earl Parker