Gold Diggers in Paris
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The City of Lights will never be the same when the girls and the gangsters land on the continent. It's gams galore with the Gold Diggers in Paris! Rudy Vallee stars as Terry Moore, a nightclub owner on the verge of bankruptcy. When a mistaken taxi driver stops at his Club Ballé to pick up the dancers due at a European Ballet competition, Moore sees the prize as the chance to save his club. His sexy-if-untrained chorus girls undergo a crash course in classical ballet during the crossing to France. Moore falls for the only true ballet dancer he could find on short notice. And the ballet director whose corps should be competing hires a gangster to hobble the sexy chorines. Now, who will win the battle between the chorus girls and the ballerinas?
Starring Rudy Vallee, Rosemary Lane, Hugh Herbert
Director Ray Enright, Busby Berkeley