Hopalong Cassidy: Bar 20 Rides Again
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In this third feature in the Cassidy series, Hoppy, in dapper disguise as a gambler, infiltrates a notorious gang of cattle rustlers in order to discover who is stealing a neighboring rancher’s cattle. The gang’s leader, a man named Perdue, has a Napoleon complex and plans to take over the cattle business, starting with Hoppy’s neighbor, by waging raids at night. Unfortunately for Perdue, he meets his Waterloo when Hoppy signals the Bar 20 men and they come hell-bent-for-leather. There is a marvelous exchange between Hoppy and Windy (Gabby Hayes), who can’t help boasting of his exploits with the gambler, not realizing who he is talking to.
Starring William Boyd, James Ellison, Jean Rouveral
Director Howard Bretherton