I Always Wanted to Be a Saint
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"There’s a balance in the world. It’s like a boomerang! If I do good around me, nothing bad will ever happen to me. When I do good around me, it always comes back to me..." Norah. Abandoned in the early months of her life by her mother, Norah, aged 17, lives alone with her father. Norah blames herself for all the world’s misfortunes and, particularly, about the death of a rallye pilot, Nico Marcuse, whom she saw the accident on TV. Animated by a deep feeling of guilt, Norah nourishes, since then, a priviliged relationship with Nico Marcuse and implies herself in humanitarian aid. Norah’s perfectly organized life is turned upside-down the day she meets her maternal grand-mother of whom she ignored the existence. Straight arrived from Portugal, she gives her granddaughter a little inheritance and... her mother’s address in Switzerland! From mistakes to clumsiness, from confrontations to disappointments, Norah’s life becomes a real nightmare! She then understands she has no choice left : she must face her past. In the Swiss mountains, once for all, Norah settles the scores with her mother, with Nico Marcuse and with herself.
Starring Marie Kremer, Thierry Lefevre, Barbara Roland
Director Geneviève Mersch