Jimi Hendrix: Feedback
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This new and revealing programme provides an incredibly detailed account of how Jimi Hendrix, a legendary guitarist touched by genius, lived his life in the high powered world of 60's Rock 'n' Roll. Through rare and exclusive interviews plus explosive performance footage, including the tracks Hey Joe, Sunshine Of Your Love and Purple Haze, FEEDBACK explores the inside track of this phenomenal talent. Amongst the many exclusive personal interviews featured is close friend and tour manager Gerry Stickells, Music PR Guru Keith Altham, girlfriend Melinda Meriwether, soul legend Geno Washington and Jimi's controversial producer, Ed Chalpin. All offering a tremendous insight into the gifted musician and his motivations. To a backdrop of his own music we also feature excerpts from Jimi's cult movie 'Rainbow Bridge'. A film distinguished not only by his stunning screen performance but also his eerie prediction of his own death - a prediction that came true within 3 months of the film's completion.
Starring Jimi Hendrix
Director Mike Parkinson