King Arthur: The Truth Behind the Legend
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Come with us on a magical journey of mystery and discovery as we attempt to uncover the truth behind the legend of history’s most well known sovereign—King Arthur. Explore verdant, dew-drenched plains, wander amongst ancient crumbling ruins, and scour the rugged weather-beaten coastline of Great Britain in search of the elusive spirit of King Arthur and the enchanting Camelot. on this well-worn trail, you will encounter the likes of beautiful Guinevere, valiant Lancelot, magical Merlin, and the glorious Knights of the Round Table—not to mention Excalibur and the Holy Grail! Discover the possible final resting places of King Arthur, explore the potential locations of Camelot, and join the debate over the existence of the Holy Grail. It is all here and more, so charge forward into the realm of magic, mystery, and chivalry to uncover the truth behind the legend. Dig deep and find real bona-fide facts and the truth behind…King Arthur’s heritage, and how it contributed to his character • Why there is no historical record of the valiant Arthur and his beautiful Queen, Guinevere. • The magical Merlin • Merlin’s connection with Stonehenge • How Merlin played a part in King Arthur’s conception and life as a child. • The Holy Grail • Excalibur, the beautiful sword in the stone • And much more!
Starring Liam Dale
Director Liam Dale