Late Fee
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It's Halloween eve, and a young couple is desperate for something to do. They find a DVD rental store just as it's closing for a private party. They beg the proprietor to let them rent some DVDs and ask for the "scariest" movies in the store. The storeowner reluctantly rents them his two most prized horror DVDs on the strict condition that they must return them before midnight or pay a severe late fee. The planned quiet evening at home turns out to be not-so-quiet with interruptions by trick-or-treaters and ultimately, a surprise visit from the DVD storeowner and his creepy costumed entourage! It's past midnight, and the couple has forgotten to return the DVDs. Halloween turns into a real nightmare when the two realize that this late fee must be paid for in blood!
Starring J.D. Brown, Stephanie Danielson, Rick Poli
Director John Carchietta, Carl Morano