Meet the In Laws
Fan strong is a national two counselors, open a common psychological clinic, earning the wages of four thousand in January, no room without a car, but there is a sexy beautiful girlfriend Su Qian girlfriend. Mid Autumn Festival is he and his girlfriend agreed good audience father-in-law days in emergency end of patients off pit man psychotherapy, and his girlfriend on borrowed to the friend Wu Fendan car from Shanghai, bound for Hangzhou, Susie's parents home. One to sue home, van strong is in front of the villa scale shook the gaping, and more surprised him. Susie's father, unexpectedly is his patients windbreaker uncle Su Bohu. Su Bohu is a very famous professor of economics, particularly valued fame, he don't believe van strong work ethic, worried about their own unknown secret fan strong leaked, make their own ruin, so wanted to get rid of the strong. And van strong prepared in advance of coping father-in-law questions also cannot have cheated previously for their advice Su Bohu, had to Frank. Two people know too much of a meeting on conflicts, full of humor. The fan end can be poor and blank strong father-in-law recognition, finally father-in-law?
Starring Xu Zheng, Peng Lin, Hui Shiu-Hung
Director Hai-shu Li