Military State
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America declares Martial Law after terrorists annihilated major US cities. Private super soldiers known as “Erasers” backed by a state-of-the-art drone patrol system are mobilized to monitor its citizens, quell rebellions, and handle potential terrorist threats by all means. A true patriot, Patterson Endcott, who is a drone controller discovers his name on a watch list because of his religious beliefs and his sense of moral uneasiness about his job. Fearing for him and his sister’s safety, and looking to do the right thing, Patterson secretly downloads the code that can shut down the drone system and possibly end the government spying. He flees with his sister Sam toward the Red Zone desert controlled by Patriotic American fighters. A team of Erasers are deployed to ERASE Patterson and the rebel; and they will stop at nothing to complete their mission. It's now a race against time to ensure American's freedom is preserved.
Starring Morgan Obenreder, Ethan McDowell, Varda Appleton
Director Iain Carson