Mischief Night
Mischief Night: the night before Halloween, when anything goes. Usually that means kids roaming the streets, egging houses, toilet papering trees, and strewing garbage on lawns, but this Mischief Night will be a little different, and the stakes will be quite a bit higher...on this Mischief Night, a knife-wielding masked maniac is roaming the streets, looking to make a jack-o-lantern of a young woman's head. Little does he know that the young woman has other plans. Kaylie is a beautiful high school senior who doesn't quite fit in. She's got a dark sense of humor, and a somewhat warped view of life that isolates her from most of her peers. Her best friend Daphne, on the other hand, is incredibly popular. It's Friday night, the night before Halloween, and Daphne has asked Kaylie to fill in and babysit for her at the Payton household. Daphne claims to be sick at home with the flu, but, unbeknownst to Kaylie, she's really headed out for a night on the town. To help occupy her time while alone (aside from the baby) in this big house, Kaylie watches horror movies, drinks the Payton's booze, pops their pills, and starts a war with a roaming group of middle schoolers trying to vandalize the home. There are many people out tonight. One of them, a creepy, and very kooky, old neighbor, knocks at the door, warning Kaylie to stay inside tonight and not answer the door for anyone. She immediately rejects his advice, answering the door for a costumed stranger who turns out to be Graham, a classmate of Kaylie's who she has a crush on. Graham, it turns out, was expecting Daphne to answer the door. It seems he's been visiting Daphne at the house whenever she babysits, which comes as both a surprise to Kaylie, and a devastating blow. Kaylie only liked two people in this world, Daphne and Graham, and now she's got nothing. When he leaves, she cuts herself, revealing a series of scars, and showing us that she is perhaps even more troubled than we knew. But there's one more person lurking the streets, and prowling the dark shadows surrounding the Payton house. It's a masked man, carrying a large knife. We know nothing about him, only that he's eyeing Kaylie for the kill. When Kaylie realizes he's out there, she begins to tease him, taunt him into confrontation. For all she knows, he's just another prankster. When she is convinced he is quietly watching from behind the trees, she strips down to her underwear and swims in the Payton's pool. Things intensify quickly when Daphne shows up and is brutally murdered. The masked stranger then breaks into the house, attacking Kaylie, when she gives him the fight of his life, culminating in bashing him with a free-weight and sending him tumbling down the stairs. At that point, he takes off his mask to reveal the man underneath, and overpowers her. It's within his power to kill her now, and instead of begging for her life, she encourages him to do it. The man, who is far less intimidating without his mask on, doesn't know how to react. He eventually decides against killing her, and sets her free. But Kaylie's not done with him yet. Perhaps she has finally found someone she can relate to. The two start talking, and before you know it, a strange, twisted romance is blossoming between them. They head into the neighborhood to cause a little mischief themselves, and gradually, over the course of the night, begin to reveal to each other what makes them tick. However, just because the movie takes an abrupt turn toward the romantic, doesn't mean the horror of the night is over. Four more people have yet to die gruesome deaths, and one person's head will still be turned into a jack-o-lantern's, the question is...whose?
Starring Brooke Anne Smith, Marc Valera, Nikki Limo
Director Travis Baker