Murder by Numbers
In 1924 there was a murder was so shocking that it was called the crime of the century. What was chilling was the motive -- not money or passion but a cool arrogance that led two wealthy young men to try to prove they could get away with murder. That case is the inspiration for Murder By Numbers, which centers on Cassie (Sandra Bullock), a detective whose is tough around her colleagues but hides her sensitivity. Cassie has yet a new partner, Sam (Ben Chaplin) -- no one will stay with her long enough to work on a second case. At first, it seems as though clever police work has led Sam to the killer. And when Cassie insists that the solution is at the same time too neat and unanswered questions remain, no one wants to listen. There is something about the two high school kids -- rich, popular Rick (Ryan Gosling) and introverted, scholarly Justin (Michael Pitt) -- that bothers her.
Starring Sandra Bullock, Ryan Gosling, Ben Chaplin
Director Barbet Schroeder