My Girlfriend's Boyfriend
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Jesse (Alyssa Milano, Charmed) is a sassy, intelligent woman who has yet to find the "right guy"-until she bumps into Ethan (Christopher Gorham, Ugly Betty), a writer pushed to the edge of despair after having another novel rejected by publishers. For Jesse, the encounter offers more than a chance to inspire the artist in Ethan again. It also opens a new, romantic chapter for her. Could Ethan be the one for her? Or could it be Troy (Michael Landes, Possession), the guy she meets only moments after Ethan? A confident and successful advertising executive who certainly isn't hurting for money, Troy makes almost every moment elegant and romantic. He's perfect-just like Ethan. What's a girl to do?
Starring Alyssa Milano, Beau Bridges, Carol Kane
Director Daryn Tufts